We’re recording the sounds of water in Edinburgh in lochs, streams, drains, springs, sewers, taps, pubs, baths (and so on…) using ambient, hydrophone and contact microphones.  Water is a conduit for a set of interesting sounds that can potentially tell us a lot about the diversity, health and use of natural and urban environments.  The sounds we record will be used in the final 7″ record and performances.

Click on any of the markers to find recordings of and around water at the marked locations.  Scroll south on the map to find recordings at Talla Reservoir – one of the main sources of Edinburgh’s water – in the Scottish Borders.

You can access (and download) these recordings through our Soundcloud page.  All the recordings have more information attached to them on where, when and how they were recorded.
This map was created using the excellent Map Maker website.